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The views of the children are often an important consideration when developing a parenting plan. Our lawyers are trained to interview children and prepare detailed written reports of their views. These reports can be presented to parents, judges, and other decision-makers so that the children’s voices can be heard when the parenting plan is developed.  


To prepare a report, we require either the written consent of all guardians or a court order.  The author of the report will speak briefly with each of the guardians to identify the matters at issue and any sensitivities unique to the child. Each child will be interviewed twice, ideally once while in the care of one guardian and once while in the care of the other guardian.  Reports are non-evaluative, meaning no psychological assessment can or will be conducted and no recommendations will be issued. However, reports will reference the child’s demeanour and body language during the interview in order to provide essential context to the child’s answers.

Our Hear the Child Reports Team

Download our client information sheet here and send it to us, or fill it in online in advance of your initial meeting with us. We can be better prepared to assist you.

Hear the Child Reports

At Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP, we interview children and prepare detailed Hear the Child Reports for cases.

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