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Collaborative Law Services in Kamloops

One very effective form of negotiating an out-of-court family law agreement is called “collaborative family law,” or “collaborative practice.” Commonly practiced in the United States and Canada since the early 1990s, collaborative family law offers a fresh, dignified approach to resolving issues. Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP is pleased to offer collaborative law in Kamloops as a new, client-centred approach to the resolution of family law disputes.


How the Collaborative Law Process Works

In collaborative practice, the lawyers and the involved parties all sign an agreement that binds everyone to work collaboratively as a team to resolve all outstanding issues. The lawyers agree that they will not take the matter to court or threaten court action. The parties agree that if either party wants to commence a court application, both parties will need to find new lawyers. This agreement invests the lawyers and the parties in amicable and collaborative out-of-court negotiations. The lawyers and the parties work as a team in a fair and respectful process. Where necessary, the team will be supplemented with other professionals, such as divorce coaches, child experts and financial advisors.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Law Approach

The collaborative law approach has many benefits. First and foremost, the issues are generally resolved faster and often at less expense because you are avoiding going to court. The parties remain in charge of the process, rather than ceding control to judges or lawyers. Parties can customize their own solutions in a creative manner that recognizes their needs and responsibilities; thus the reached solution will uniquely fit you and your family. By not going to court, you can focus on a positive resolution or settlement to your dispute and not on tearing each other down in the courtroom. Collaborative practice is a private process, so details are kept out of the public record. Generally, parties are far happier with agreements reached through collaborative practice.

Trained and Experienced in Collaborative Law in Kamloops

We also provide legal services for wills and estates and issues dealing with criminal law. Please note that collaborative law may not be right for everyone. However, collaborative law is an excellent dispute resolution technique for many couples. If you are interested in exploring resolution of your family law issues through collaborative law, contact Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP to schedule an appointment for a consultation today. Our lawyers are trained and experienced to practice collaborative law in Kamloops. We are committed to helping you resolve your issues in a fair, speedy and cost-effective manner. Our lawyers are members of the Kamloops Collaborative Family Law Association. More information about the Association and collaborative practice in general can be found on their website.


The following lawyers would be happy to assist you in the matters related to family law:

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