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Simon Walter
Partner | Family Law Mediator | Hear the Child Reporter

Simon practices primarily in the field of Family Law as a lawyer, mediator, and Hear the Child reporter. As a lawyer, Simon encourages his clients to explore cost-effective and efficient settlements that allow families to preserve their dignity, their assets, and the wellbeing of their children. As a mediator, Simon assists both parties to a Family Law dispute as a neutral party, organizing a facilitated mediation (with or without counsel), to help the parties explore and reach a solution outside of the court process. Whether you are looking for a lawyer or a mediator to work with you and your spouse, he is happy to assist.

When not retained as a mediator or lawyer, Simon has the pleasure of assisting parties in interviewing children to prepare Hear the Child Reports respecting their statements and views on matters such as parenting arrangements and relocation. Simon hopes that hearing a child’s voice helps assist the parties to make decisions that put the child first.


When not in the office, Simon sings in the local a capella quartet, “Slow No Tempo”, and officiates both youth and adult soccer leagues with the Kamloops Soccer Referees Association. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra (“KSO”), and performs with various musical groups in Kamloops, including the Cantabile Singers of Kamloops.  Contact us for more details.


Call to the Bar: 2017


Notable Decisions


Preferred Areas of Practice:

Family law
Civil litigation
Landlord/tenant issues
Family law mediation
Collaborative family law


Board Member, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra
Member, Kamloops Soccer Referees Association

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