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Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP offers wills, estate planning, probate, and estate administration services in Kamloops. Whether making a will, considering a power of attorney, or  trying to deal with a loved one's estate, our years of experience and timely advice can help you through the process and take a load off your mind. A little advice at the start can go a long ways to simplifying the process, and knowing your documents were professionally prepared can allow you to rest easy.


Our experienced wills and estate practitioners are dedicated to providing knowledgeable and thoughtful assistance in all aspects of trusts, wills, incapacity planning and estates. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Reliable Advice on Estate Planning and Incapacity Planning

Need advice on wills and estate planning in Kamloops? Worried your family will have difficulty dealing with your affairs? We can help you develop a comprehensive estate and incapacity plan, ensuring as best you can that everything goes smoothly for your family and other loved ones. We will teach you about the tools in our estate planning toolkit (including wills, powers of attorney and representation agreements), and help you choose those that work best for your circumstances.  


From the drafting of a basic will to setting up and administering complex trusts and financial plans, our lawyers pride themselves on their distinctive outlook and creative solutions. Our wills practice is informed by our estate administration practice, so our wills are made to avoid many of the pitfalls an executor may encounter in probating and administrating an estate.  Our services include:

Powers of Attorney
Section 9 Representation Agreements (Healthcare POA for BC)
Advance Care Directive
Applications for Committeeship (care of an incapable person when there is no POA or Representation Agreement)
Property Transfer and Trust Declarations
Estate planning
Alter ego and Spousal Trusts
Disability Trusts
Family Trusts
Estate freezes and Corporate succession planning


Probate Lawyers and Advice on Administering Estates 

So you are the executor - now what? Our experienced lawyers can help you develop a road map of the job ahead you, including the all important next steps. We can help you determine if probate is necessary, as well as explain what the probate process entails. 


Our services in this area can range from summary advice on a particular issue or area of concern, to undertaking all of the duties an executor can delegate to a professional at law or under the will. Our services can also continue after probate, as we help you ensure you have satisfied all your obligations and are adequately protected from estate creditors and beneficiaries. Administering an estate is not always easy, but we do what we can to keep it as painless and straight-forward as possible.


We also work closely with our firm’s litigators in addressing any disputes that may arise in the course of an estate


From the creation of the initial plan through implementation and the smooth succession to future generations, you can depend on our skilled lawyers to provide you with advice throughout every stage of the process. We coordinate our efforts with other professionals, including financial advisors, insurance brokers, and accountants, to ensure your assets are managed in the most tax-effective and efficient manner. You can rest easy knowing you will be getting personal attention from us to meet your specific requirements. 


Here are the lawyers who would be happy to discuss your case:

Download our will planning worksheet here. Complete and send it to us in advance of your initial meeting with us. We can be better prepared to assist you.

Experienced Legal Representation

You can depend on Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP for the legal aid you need.

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