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British Columbia's construction industry thrives on collaboration, but legal complexities can arise throughout a project. Our law firm offers comprehensive legal services to navigate these challenges and safeguard your interests, whether you're a contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer, or homeowner. If you are looking for trusted lawyers in Kamloops, reach out to us.



Here's a deeper dive into key areas of Construction Law in BC:

Contracts: A well-drafted contract is crucial. We'll assist in crafting, reviewing, and negotiating ironclad agreements that clearly define:

  • Scope of Work: The importance of a clear and detailed description of the required work cannot be overstated.

  • Payment Terms: Unambiguous payment terms, including timelines and conditions, are essential to avoid conflict.

  • Risk Allocation: Clearly outlining risk allocation for delays, unforeseen circumstances, and changes protects all parties involved.


Builders' Liens: The Builders' Lien Act (BLA) provides security for unpaid work or materials. Our lawyers offer guidance on: 

  • Filing and Enforcing Liens: We'll ensure compliance with strict timelines and procedures as outlined in the BLA.

  • Defending Against Liens: If facing a lien, we'll develop a robust defense strategy based on relevant case law.


Construction Defects: Faulty workmanship can be costly. We'll advise on legal options, including: 

  • Breach of Contract: When construction fails to meet contractual standards, you may have grounds for claims.

  • Negligence: Construction falling below a reasonable standard of care, resulting in damages, can be actionable. 


Construction Delays and Changes: Projects rarely go exactly according to plan. We'll help navigate these situations and ensure fair compensation through: 

  • Delay Claims: Established legal precedents allow recovery of costs associated with owner-caused delays.

  • Change Order Claims: Obtaining written change orders with proper compensation before proceeding with additional work is crucial

 By partnering with our experienced construction law team, you gain a significant advantage. We offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, including:

Contract drafting, review, and negotiation

Dispute resolution through litigation, arbitration, or mediation

Builders' lien claims and defenses

Construction deficiencies claims

Delay and change order claims



We understand the complexities of British Columbia's construction industry and are committed to providing strategic legal counsel that protects your interests and helps you achieve successful project outcomes.. Contact us today for more information. 

The following lawyers and our staff would be happy to assist you in matters related to employment:

Construction Lawyers in Kamloops

Count on the experience and legal expertise of our lawyers at Cates Ford Soll & Epp LLP to provide you with reliable assistance for your employment matter.

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